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the president like ronald reagan stung jimmy carter that he will immediately become the frontrunner and the so-called swings states will tighten up. most of them anyway. florida particularly will. that's my analysis right now. >> i think these state races probably will tighten but that's what happens in the final weeks of a campaign. races tend to tighten. this will be a closer race in all likelihood as we get closer to election day one senses though that look an incumbent running with a record like this with the economy in such serious shape many people predicting recession with all this trouble he he has been having overseas, with all of that he he ought to be in a lot of trouble. it's surprising to many people that he is ahead. we keep thinking something will happen. is he is not a great politician but seems honorable and decent enough man that if the people were ready to make a change they would not have a lot of trouble settling on him as a reliable change agent. however it hasn't happened. we keep waiting for something to cause it to happen but it hasn't come. that's why i think people a
party, i don't care whether it was jimmy carter or bill clinton or george bush or ronald reagan or george h.w. bush had had a terrorist incident and gotten on an airplane after saying something and flown off to a fund raisener las vegas, they would have been crucified. it would have been, it should have been barack -- equivalent for barack obama of george bush's flying over katrina moment. >> but nothing was said at all. and nothing will be said. >> with us now is mr. caddell. so you think this is an organized press suppression of this story? >> well, organized -- whether it's organized is a straight conspiracy, everyone is in on it and doing it and it's a purposeful conscious effort to suppress news that might help obama. we have gone down a slippery slope here. look, bill, we have had liberal bias or bias in the press for a long time. for many years. but it's gotten worse starting in 2008. now we have a press that actively engages in the re-election. putting out a narrative that romney is a loser, you know running polls, they are using like telling n.i.v. adding on romney. rom
it wasn't going to happen, were ut it should have happened much more gradually. exactly what jimmy carter did in iran. >> sdts that estimate how much influence we actually had? his bus was leaving the station in egypt. mubarak was on his way out. hillary clinton and others were trying to stabilize the situation, get a transition, but from my report and my understanding we didn't have as much influence as you're arguing we do with hosni mubarak. we didn't have the ability. >> because we didn't try. >> and the -- democratic government. it srchlts maybe, maybe. maybe it is. maybe it isn't. i don't know how legitimate -- >> it might nob the party -- >> i don't know how legitimate the election is. >> president obama did speak before the united nations yesterday. he spoke a lot about his policy in the arab nations, in the middle east and he also spoke a little bit about iran. i want to know, and we talked to an adviser earlier to president obama and she laid down what she thinks is the red line for nuclear weapons in iran. listen to what she said. >> i think we have laid out a red line. that is
pollster for president jimmy carter. so fired up. what's that about? >> we are entering territory we have never entered before. we have had over the years the press being more and more biased. the gallup polls the highist has registered in people knowing they are not being told whole story. but we never had a situation where the press has purposely decided to pick up a narrative from the white house to support their overwhelming candidate for president barack obama. this isn't about partisanship. this is about danger. the won't first amendment exists without any checks and balances on the media is because they are supposed to protect the people. not that we are supposed to become a version of pravda. when the "new york times" takes two weeks to run anything on this subject. when we have 20 embassies on the assault after libya and no one runs it on the air in the major networks, we have a problem. megyn: david carr of the new york times wrote a piece, you have got the "wall street journal," you have got fox news, you have got online sources so the cries of media bias are not valid. if the
. >> bill: in next weeks debate, can romney do what ronald reagan did to jimmy carter? megyn kelly has some thoughts. >> bill: caution the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. the likeability factor. that the subject of talking points memo. there two are kinds of voters in america those that know the issues and those that don't. emotion drives a decision and part of that equation is likeability. many people think reagan defeated carter because he came across likable while carter was distant and same thing with bill clinton and younger clinton showed more personality. bush the younger remained personally popular until the recession kicked in. right now in a popularity poll, president obama is ahead of mitt romney by throw three-points according to a new survey. after next week's debate it could change dramatically. there is no question about obama and romney realize they must come across as nice guys that is why they go on entertainment programs. >> we're is very happy you came on this a mrs. obama and brought your date? >> i brought him. he had a few minutes in his sched
debater he might be able to overcome that. >> he wasn't a very good debater in the primaries. >> jimmy carter had the same problems as president president. maybe history is repeating itself here. last word. >> that's what the romney people have to be hoping. puts a lot of premium on him. >> bill: brit hume, everyone. directly ahead, concerns that the justice department is so far left it can't do the job for all americans. charles krauthammer has some thoughts. later, bernie goldberg on koppel/o'reilly and adam carolla on howard stern. we're coming right back. eart atk right out of the clear blue... i'm on an aspirin regimen... and i take bayer chewables. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. he's my success story. [ laughs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you engineer a true automotive breakthrough? ♪ you give it bold new styling, unsurpassed luxury and nearly 1,000 improvements. introducing the redesigned 2013 glk. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. >> exact segment
, piers? >> yes, richard. >> thank you. first there, are ebbs and flows. jimmy carter was far ahead in his election against ronald reagan, where he was beaten decessively. i think polls would show them statistically tied, tough fights in certain swing states. what governor romney is trying to do is point out the fundamental differences between his faith ain the private secto and the president's view we should invest in companies and have more government intrusion on the economy, and we've had, frankly, a failed recovery, and then on foreign policy, whether we're going to lead from behind and have the type of turmoil in the middle east or mitt romney's position of peaceable strength and leadership can leave america better off. >> let me explain this both to you. president clinton is about to reveal what he to say about it. a really big story in new york. nothing to do with the cgi, u.n., or anything else. all about the nfl match. president obama weighed in on twitter. nfl fans on both sides hope the lockout will end soon. >> it was a close call. i think the rules state if you have dual poss
's decided we can get rid of mubarak. this is tantamount to basically what jimmy carter did to iran. >> sean: mr. mayor, thank you. thank you so much for being with us. the fact that within 24 hours of the attack, the link to al-qaeda was in fact confirmed and to this very day the president continues to point his finger and apologize for this youtube movie trailer, it's shameful and dishonest. mr. president is this what you meant by "transparency," so as you stink of the cover-ups, spreading alarm, a number of lawmakers are blasting this misleading intelligence briefings that they got straight from your administration. let's take a look at this. >> i wish you had seen the briefing that took place. it was the most had senseless, worthless, briefing that i've ever attended. something is up here in that we are not getting the basic information that i think most americans would want us to have. >> well, i think we should have answers right away. i can tell you i participated in a briefing last week. that briefing was totally inadequate. i got more information from "the new york times" that i got
against the media jimmy carter. that's one important difference. the other part is despite the confusion, the distraction, it is up to governor romney to step forward and i mean galvanize the american public, the voting public. he can't do this by saying that we both care about the middle class. the fact of the matter is, the middle class has been torn to pieces. the republic party isn't acknowledging the social contract and the subcontracts that have been torn to pieces. >> bill: 5,000 in the median household. i would have a sign if i were romney just hold that up. you are getting hosed and this guy is doing it. >> romney doesn't even say you know, under george bush when this president is bashing bush, household income rose 18%. >> bill: in the 8 years he was in office. >> absolutely. now half of that has been torn away in three and a half years. >> bill: all right. you are going to make a prediction for me tonight. you think romney is going to do well on wednesday. >> i do think he is going to do well. >> are you rooting for romney by the way? >> at this point i can't bring myself to a
was, than jimmy carter was with his party and bush sr. was with his party. energy is hard to measure. the measurements we have show a reaganesque party unity. >> matt has this great piece in the rolling stone where he says the presidential race never, ever should have been this close. the idea that we become like sports announcers. we want the tight game going into the fourth quarter. we want a hail mary pass at the end because it is more exciting. he points out that, in fact, this race is one given both who mitt romney is as a candidate as well as the extremely high support that president obama has within his base should never have been this close at all which goes to your point about sometimes the massive amount of money that's gone into the race to give us a different message about mitt romney. >> i want to add one disagreement to the disagreement. as much as popularity and the figures are up. the difference between 2008 and 2012 is the tea party, which happened in 2010. we know that they are going to be on the ground, up in people's faces and raising hell just like they did aroun
that -- and then certainly by 1980, ronald reagan was very behind in the polls was just able to tidal wave over jimmy carter with quips like there you go again in a sort of staged format. since 1980, they have become part of the american landscape. >> the "new york times" recently wrote about this debate prep and the president of the united states is an awesome figure merely to share the platform with him on equal terms is the gain in stature, good performance will be gauged even better. why would any president agree to participate in an event that ultimately -- the -- because it's become now a demand, president obama suddenly bailed on debates. then, you know, he would be seeming like a poor sport. and also these debates are agreed upon long before the fall season, they're everything from the podium to the lighting, everything is worked out between the parties. >> do you think the presidential debate has ever changed the course of an election? >> i definitely do, i think we just talked about 1960, i think it changed it. i think in 1976, in 1980, i think also one could argue in 2000, it would al gore's kind
basically, killing an american ambassador for the first time since, who? jimmy carter. >> steve: that's right. >> brian: he's get to go look a lot like him. >> gretchen: it was described as a bump in the road, as well as the arab spring. then he sent his spokesperson out to actually call it a terrorist attack. the president himself, interestingly enough, has not used the word, terror. >> oh, my goodness. >> gretchen: is it a deliberate strategy to have it both ways? >> of course it is. it's also a president who has been you've missile insist about terrorism from the very beginning. he said we're not going to say war on terror anymore. except he forgot to tell them they're at war with us. so we get caught by surprise. this is a major scandal. the only reason it isn't played as a major scandal the president has three quarters of the media in the tank. it's a disgrace. it should be a scandal for the washington times, nbc news, cbs news, why the hell aren't they covering it? u.n. ambassador went on television, i went on with her on cnn. i've never heard an ambassador say anything so stupi
given the possibility of what we saw in 1984 with ronald reagan and in 1980 with ronald reagan and jimmy carter where there really was a mood change. >> sure, but let's also remember that as john made reference to john kerry in 2004, he moved the needle, but he didn't move the needle nearly far enough. and the fact is that in 18 of the last 19 presidential elections whosever been leading at this point has led the popular vote. >> you remember how close kerry came, if he had won a small number in ohio, he would have been president. >> i understand that. >> and also if he had gnat gone windsurfing in nantucket. willie, the thing is, we talk about the 47% video, i'm hearing more and more people in the romney campaign as every day goes by, they understand more and more that they made a huge mistake with that libyan press conference. i'm not going to say that it was sort of that september 15th moment, the economy is sound, but john mccain last time, but i can't tell you how many pollsters are telling me that that was -- it made him look unpresidential. "the wall street journal" leading with t
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)